Take a Stand Against Sexual Violence!

YOU can help end sexual violence in Ohio. Be part of the solution as the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence grows and expands outreach and policy work to address sexual violence in Ohio. OAESV is launching Take a Stand, our fundraising campaign to expand advocacy and launch OAESV into the future.


There are hundreds of thousands of survivors of sexual violence in Ohio, eleven of whom share their stories. If you are a survivor, know that we believe you, it’s not your fault, and help is available. Allow the stories of these brave survivors to remind you that you are also brave, you are stronger than you know, and healing is possible.

Stand Up! Bystander Intervention Video & Discussion Guide

OAESV is pleased to offer our brand new Stand Up! bystander intervention video and discussion guide to you, launched April 1, 2014. In Ohio in 2013 there were several high profile sexual assault cases involving bystanders. We encourage people to Stand Up! to sexual violence in lots of different ways.


Our Vision:
That the State of Ohio will be free of sexual violence.

Our Mission:
As Ohio's statewide coalition, OAESV advocates for comprehensive responses and rape crisis services for survivors and empowers communities to prevent sexual violence.

Our Objectives:
End isolation of survivors and agencies working on their behalf;
Improve services and responses to survivors and all those impacted by sexual violence;
Increase public awareness about sexual violence;
Inform and shape public policy;
End sexual violence.