Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence are a dedicated group of volunteers who have the responsibility of directing the organization’s financial development, public policy, and fiscal oversight, which helps to ensure the continued success of OAESV. Board Members for OAESV welcome your input and appreciate any feedback you have to offer in guiding the important work of the Alliance.  Below, Board Members share their reasons for joining the Board, and for standing up against sexual violence in Ohio:

Claudia Annoni“I am highly interested in issues that impact, mainly, women.  I like to be part of a group/organization that promotes social change and it is able to be the voice of victims and survivors.”

Sharlene Boltz: I bring 30 years of legal experience to the fight against violence against women.  As a victim advocate, threat assessment consultant and law professor, I welcome the opportunity to share my experience teaching and working with various audiences about the complex issues presented by domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking with OAESV.”

Julie Broadwell – Secretary & Northwest Regional LeaderJulie originally joined the Board in January 2013 in her position as Northwest Ohio Regional Leader, as OAESV is committed to having local rape crisis center directors’ voices be heard.  Julie serves as the Secretary on the Executive Committee.  Julie believes it is very important to have a diverse board with many different areas of expertise represented and is proud to be on the board as a community rape crisis center director with 20 years’ experience.

Susanne Dietzel“I am delighted to serve on the Board of the OAESV.  As a former Board member of the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault and the current Project Director of the Ohio University Survivor Advocacy Program and its Outreach to Meigs and Perry Counties, I take my work on behalf of victims of sexualized violence, especially in underserved communities, very seriously.  My background in academic feminism and my work as a teacher of Women’s and Gender Studies provide the theoretical framework in which I place my more activist work.  It is extremely fulfilling to put theory to practice and play an active part in making a difference in the lives of women and girls, and all victims.”

Emily Hagan“Working in the court system has given me a unique perspective on sexual violence, helping me to see the strengths and weaknesses of the system.  I joined the Board to work with allies to improve resources and response to survivors.  I believe Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence is an organization that will help survivors and providers meet this goal.”

Andrea HarrisAndrea Harris sees her service on the Board of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence as an opportunity for her to further advocate with and on behalf of the victims and the survivors of sexual violence.  As an Ohio survivor of rape who found herself with few resources for support, healing, and justice, she is passionate about making sure that all Ohio’s survivors of sexual violence know that they are not alone in their fight and know that people are working to not only better support survivors but also to eradicate every form of sexual violence in the state.  Her service on the OAESV Board is a reflection of her deeply held belief that the voices of survivors of sexual violence must be included at every level of the societal discussion about sexual violence.

Helen Mabry“In 1993 I was studying at Bowling Green State University.  I went out with a friend for drinks and she came back to my apartment then walked home alone.  On her way home she was raped by a stranger.  After the attack she called me and I went to her apartment and took her to the hospital.  I recorded everything she told me in my journal.  She gradually recovered although her life was never the same.  About a year later the rapist was apprehended for raping someone else.  The DNA evidence from my friend’s case matched.  During the trial the judge asked me to read from my journal about the details of that night.  He was convicted.  After witnessing my friend’s suffering it gave me satisfaction to contribute to his conviction.  I currently work as a breast surgeon and I am very glad that in my job I can help other women.  I am honored to be a member of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.”

Teresa Matthews – President“I joined the Board after learning the state of established rape crisis centers in Ohio are in danger and more so the lack of centers.  When I was the Director of Advocacy at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, I witnessed firsthand the importance of having RCCs that are solely dedicated to survivors.  With many centers closing or having to eliminate crucial programs for survivors I wanted to be part of an organization that is dedicated to making sure all survivors of sexual violence had access to free comprehensive services in Ohio.  Where a survivor lives should not dictate the quality of care they have access to.”

Jaime Miracle“I wanted to be a member of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence board because I saw just how important it is for a coalition to exist in Ohio when our state didn’t have one.  The work that rape crisis centers across the state do, day in and day out, is critical to the health and well-being of millions of Ohioans, and having one unified voice to advocate for these centers and the survivors they serve is crucial.  I am proud to have been a part of the coalition’s re-birth in Ohio.  I am committed to making sure that we do all we can to end sexual violence, and until then serve all survivors of sexual assault in whatever capacity they need.”

Ronda PauleyRonda Pauley came to the board from a background in education, often saddened by the treatment of women and children in the surrounding community, twice called as a witness for the state in sexual abuse cases involving young children.  When she retired, Ronda began researching the issues and trends facing vulnerable women and children and had planned to run for state senate.  As she became increasingly aware of how invisible, widespread, and traumatizing the crimes can be, her attention turned to working at the grassroots level where she felt she could accomplish more.  Her passion of advocating for women and children surfaced in her networking, in service groups, and in the books she writes.  Ronda was nominated to the Board of Directors by a supporter of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

Brian Teter – Vice PresidentMajor Brian Teter became aware of the OAESV while serving as an instructor for a seminar entitled ‘Strengthening Military-Civilian Community Partnerships to Respond to Sexual Assault’ offered through the training divison of the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC-TTAC).  Major Teter saw an opportunity to strengthen ties between military and civilian victim support networks and was delighted to be invited to serve on the OAESV board.  As a military judge advocate for the Air Force, Major Teter has prosecuted numerous sexual assault cases entailing litigation of complex issues such as post-traumatic stress, effects of drugs and alcohol, forensic psychology, and evidence collection techniques.  He has also ensured full-spectrum victim support services throughout the court martial process as a lead coordinator for the federal Victim Witness Advocacy Program (VWAP) and Chief of Military Justice.  Major Teter has also served as a military defense counsel, military justice instructor, and he currently serves as an acquisition attorney at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  Major Teter has focused on ensuring that victims of sexual assault are able to maintain their privacy and dignity to the greatest extent possible during the court process, while at the same time ensure that proper support services are made readily available.

Kaitlyn Wessels – TreasurerKaitlyn came to the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence in March 2013.  She brings to the Board years of sexual assault advocacy in Southwest Ohio, as well as expertise in nonprofit fundraising and development.  After serving many local women, men, and children, Kaitlyn was eager to expand her advocacy to the state level.  “OAESV is building the capacity of our rape crisis centers and our legislature to better serve Ohioans,” she says.  “It’s a privilege to be on the front lines of the movement to end rape culture.”