April 2016 OAESV Board meeting. Seated left to right: Julie Broadwell, Secretary; Kaitlyn Wessels, President. Standing left to right: Emily Resnik, Jennifer Jaketic (since resigned); Erica Preston, Vice-President; Jaime Miracle; Shari Murnahan; Ryn Farmer; Sharlene Boltz, Treasurer.


Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors for the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence are a dedicated group of volunteers who have the responsibility of directing the organization’s financial development, public policy, and fiscal oversight, which helps to ensure the continued success of OAESV. Board Members for OAESV welcome your input and appreciate any feedback you have to offer in guiding the important work of the Alliance.  Below, Board Members share their reasons for joining the Board, and for standing up against sexual violence in Ohio:

Board Officers, by office held:

Kaitlyn Wessels, President Jan.-Dec. 2016. SW Ohio region. First board meeting April 2013. 

Kaitlyn brings to the Board years of sexual assault advocacy in Southwest Ohio, as well as expertise in nonprofit fundraising and development. After serving many local women, men, and children, Kaitlyn was eager to expand her advocacy to the state level. “OAESV is building the capacity of our rape crisis centers and our legislature to better serve Ohioans,” she says. “It’s a privilege to be on the front lines of the movement to end rape culture.” 

Erica Preston, Vice-President Jan.-Dec. 2016. NW Ohio region. First board meeting Nov. 2014. 

Erica has served as the VP of the Board since April 2015 and her expertise in human resources and employment law has been critical to the enhanced professionalism of OAESV. While busy with her involvement in youth athletics, Erica views her work on the Board as one of her most important activities. “I’m very honored to serve on the Board and to be able to play a part in standing against sexual violence in Ohio.”

Julie Broadwell, Secretary Jan.-Dec. 2016. NW Ohio region. First board meeting Jan. 2013. 

Julie has served as the Secretary on the Executive Committee since April 2013. Julie believes it is very important to have a diverse board with many different areas of expertise represented and is proud to be on the board as a community rape crisis center director with 20+ years’ experience. “I appreciate OAESV’s commitment to hearing from survivors and those on the front lines in devising strategies and goals for the organization.” 

Sharlene Boltz, Treasurer Jan.-Dec. 2016. SW Ohio region. First board meeting Jan. 2014. 

Sharlene brings 30+ years of legal experience to the fight against violence against women. As a victim advocate, threat assessment consultant and law professor, she welcomes the opportunity to share her experiences with OAESV. Sharlene says, “I believe my background in teaching and working with various audiences about the complex issues presented by domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking will be of benefit to the Board.”

Board members, alphabetically by last name:

Ryn Farmer. NW Ohio region. First board meeting April 2016. 

Ryn’s first interactions with OAESV were in the capacity as a Rape Crisis Director in Northwest Ohio. “One of the aspects I value most about OAESV is that they provide critical leadership in  how sexual violence intersects with race, gender, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, age and so much more.” She is committed to working alongside OAESV to help provide a comprehensive response to survivors who are impacted by sexual violence.

Jaime Miracle. Central Ohio region. First board meeting 2010. 

Jaime has been the longest active Board member, having started her leadership on the OAESV Board in 2010 and is proud to have been a part of the coalition’s re-birth in Ohio. “The work that rape crisis centers across the state do, day in and day out, is critical to the health and well-being of millions of Ohioans, and having one unified voice to advocate for these centers and the survivors they serve is crucial.” Jaime’s expertise has been critical in legislative policy work. 

Shari Murnahan. Central Ohio region. First board meeting April 2016. 

Shari’s desire to become a social worker stemmed from her volunteer work in college as a sexual assault victim advocate. Then, after years working to provide children with safe and loving homes free from violence, she now assists sexual assault survivors in the military. “Serving on the Board allows me to expand the community of survivors I have the privilege of advocating for and as importantly, continue the work to end sexual violence.” 

Emily Resnik. SW Ohio region. First board meeting April 2016. 

Emily’s passion and skill for advocacy work has shaped her adult life, beginning as an undergraduate student, through graduate school and her internship, and on to her career choice working with veterans. “Learning and practicing self-care is critical to survivors as well as those working in this field. I believe I can help bring that balance to the Board as we continue the work of responding to survivors with compassion.”


Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

Are you interested in giving of your time, talents, and expertise by serving as an OAESV Board Member? Please fill out our board member application, which includes requirements regarding duties and commitment. To download a printable paper copy of the application, click HERE.