Prevention Overview

As the sexual violence movement continues to progress, more efforts are focused around preventing violence before it ever occurs. Using information about risk and protective factors, the public health model, and the spectrum of prevention, more programs are looking to end perpetration of sexual violence. This means that engaging men in violence prevention and having conversations about healthy relationships and sexuality are becoming more prevalent. Making prevention a priority is the goal of more and more local, state, and national organizations. This section contains resources to assist with these efforts.

The Prevention Coordinator

In an effort to address the lack of support, feeling of isolation, and confusion that prevention experts face in their work, The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) funds the Statewide Prevention Coordinator position at the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, to provide technical assistance to their funded Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) programs.  These services are not limited to ODH funded RPE programs and are available to any rape prevention program throughout Ohio.

The types of services the Statewide Prevention Coordinator can offer your program, include in person visits, review of primary prevention plans, participation in coalition work meetings, research, and referrals on library resources.  You can receive this technical assistance via phone, email or in person. You are encouraged to request technical assistance as needed.

For more information about our 2014 Prevention Technical Assistance, please see our flyer:

Please contact our Prevention Coordinator, Lynn Bilal, at, or by phone at 216-658-1381 for more information or to receive technical assistance.

Be The One to Prevent Sexual Violence

OAESV is pleased to host, a website dedicated to engaging Ohio in the prevention of sexual violence. Check out the website for information, resources, and tools for being an active bystander and promoting the prevention of sexual violence in your community!


Upcoming Prevention Events:

Annual Statewide Conference in June 2016- for more information, visit

If you would like to have a prevention training in your area, please contact the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence at 216-658-1381 for more information.