STAND UP! sticker final

OAESV is pleased to offer our brand new Stand Up! bystander intervention video and discussion guide to you.

In Ohio in 2013 there were several high profile sexual assault cases involving bystanders. We encourage people to Stand Up! to sexual violence in lots of different ways, so it doesn’t seem so intimidating. We encourage you to utilize these materials as a way to get students talking and practicing situations when they might have to step in as an active bystander.

We all play a role in preventing sexual violence and not standing by when something happens. It is our hope that by having crucial conversations with teens about standing up, we can begin to transform our communities and environments into safe places where violence of any kind is no longer supported.

Join OAESV in using your voice to Stand Up! and end sexual violence.


Download the discussion guide here: OAESV Stand Up Discussion Guide