Prevention Resources

The Prevention Competencies provide new and more seasoned prevention practitioners with the knowledge base needed to engage in good prevention work.

Statewide Prevention Efforts

OAESV provides training, technical assistance, and resources to rape crisis programs, allied organizations and college campuses, as well as public policy advocacy promoting prevention initiatives and funding.

Be the One

Understanding what makes up healthy relationships, with friends, partners, peers and adults, is important to preventing sexual violence from happening in the first place.

Child Sexual Abuse

Every year in Ohio, over 30,000 children are involved in a substantiated case of child abuse or neglect; of these, just 5,000 are related to sexual abuse specifically.

Other Resources For Teens

Women between the ages of 12-24 are at the highest risk for sexual violence. Appropriately, the majority of sexual violence prevention efforts focus on educating teens about healthy relationships and sexuality, as well as consent, oppression, and media literacy.

Engaging Men & Boys

One key element in sexual violence prevention is the involvement of men in violence prevention efforts. To truly end sexual violence, our work must focus on stopping the perpetration of sexual violence instead of traditional methods that focus solely on women and girls.

Prevention & Youth Sports

Sports play a significant role in the lives of many youth and adults in the U.S. As many as 80% of youth participate in sports at some point in their childhood or adolescence, including school sports or recreational sports leagues.