COVID19 Emerging Response Resources

Updated daily with emerging resources for providers working with sexual violence survivors in Ohio.


As an advocate for survivors of sexual violence, your role is unique and critically important. Unlike other professionals involved in responding to the crime of sexual violence, advocates approach all survivors by believing them, by advocating for their rights and needs, and by working to empower them in their efforts toward recovery and healing.


OAESV is committed to working with attorneys to improve the experiences of survivors in the criminal justice and civil legal systems, and to holding offenders accountable.

Law Enforcement

OAESV works with law enforcement officials in communities across Ohio to improve the response to sexual assault, help protect communities, and help to hold offenders accountable.


Healthcare professionals, including Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) or Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners (SAFEs), are critically important to the response to sexual assault and to the recovery needs of survivors. OAESV is pleased to offer training and technical assistance for forensic nurses as well as Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs).

Underserved Populations

In the anti-sexual-violence field, there continues to be barriers to services for many survivors, and these barriers are often linked to larger issues of oppression. These resources help service providers in addressing these issues.