OAESV Survivor Legal Services Fund

Since 2016, OAESV has provided payment for legal representation and fees in civil cases connected to sexual violence victimization. OAESV’s covered legal services provide representation for survivors seeking early lease terminations to leave housing with an abuser, civil protection orders, custody modifications related to sexual abuse, K-12 and campus accommodations to reduce exposure to abusers, and other case types related specifically to survivor safety.

Even before the current COVID-19 crisis, OAESV, along with victim agencies across Ohio, have faced an uphill battle to support survivors with limited funding. In light of a deep cut to a primary federal funding source, the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA), programs and legal services are facing greater needs than ever before.  

In 2020, VOCA cuts reduced OAESV’s legal services fund by 35%, leaving us with just $35,000 to cover legal fees for survivors in 88 counties. With this cut, OAESV will have to turn down more cases than ever before, leaving survivors without access to life-saving legal options.

We’ve had a lot of people ask, “What can I do to help?”  

So, what can you do? Will you join us by donating to our Survivor Legal Services Fund? Your donation to our new Survivor Legal Services Fund will go directly toward legal representation and fees to support survivors in the aftermath of sexual violence.

By helping OAESV you give a face to our movement. You remind folks that we all have a part in ending sexual violence, as a survivor, ally, family, or friend. Survivors need you now more than ever. 

You can also share our information on social media and tell your friends and family why you support our organization. You can help survivors get the support they need and be a part of a national celebration of generosity — that sounds like a win-win to us.

Fund Operation: OAESV maintains a panel of contract attorneys that provide legal representation across Ohio in civil matters related to safety in the aftermath of sexual violence. OAESV pays attorneys a reduced rate of $75/hour for representation (as opposed to regular rates between $125 and $225 per hour). Survivors must meet financial eligibility requirements, not making above the income threshold of 227% the federal poverty rate. OAESV does not ask for survivor payment or reimbursement.

Host Your Own Fundraiser for OAESV

Did you know that the folks at Facebook have made a way for you to host your own fundraiser on behalf of OAESV? It's super easy! Follow this link to set up your fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/fund/oaesv/

When your fundraiser is complete, they'll send us a the funds you've raised! 

Sending Checks

Make all checks payable to: Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence

6111 Oak Tree Blvd., Suite 140

Independence, OH 44131

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


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