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June 2020 Monthly Webinar

Rising numbers of older adults have fallen victim to abuse. Nevertheless, older adult victims are often under-identified and under-served. This presentation will address the complexities of elder abuse cases, and participants will gain an increased knowledge of how to protect and support older adult victims.

April Wehrle, Senior Elder Services Coordinator
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
The Elder Justice Unit – Consumer Protection Section

Watch the recording here.

April 2020 Monthly Webinar -- SAAM Kickoff!

Join OAESV as we kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2020! Awareness, education and prevention messages about sexual violence are as important now as ever before, despite changes that must be made to our traditional in-person SAAM events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar will offer ideas and inspiration for implementing online awareness-raising campaigns, providing virtual community connections, and encouraging audiences to prevent sexual violence wherever they are located.

Watch the recording here.

March 2020 Monthly Webinar -- Bridging the Gap Between CACs and RCCs

Join us for this month's webinar as we discuss the intersections between the work of local Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) and Rape Crisis Programs (RCCs). The presenters will draw from personal experiences as CAC leaders to explore the ways in which the two types of victim advocacy programs can collaborate to provide quality wrap-around services for survivors.

Watch the recording here.

Supporting the Supporters of Sexual Violence Survivors -- February 2020

Our February 2020 webinar provided an opportunity to learn how to better support the family members, caregivers, loved ones, significant others, and support persons who are secondary victims of sexual violence.

The presentation will provide information on educating caregivers and support persons about how to help someone “survive” sexual violence. It will also cover how caregivers and support persons may experience vicarious traumatization while helping a sexual abuse survivor.

Watch the recording here.

Ready, Set, Go! Basics -- January 2020

This webinar provides information about the Ready, Set, Go! training we offer for preventionists.

Would you like to learn more about the "Ready, Set, Go!" prevention training? This webinar will offer an overview of the basic components included in the RSG training and will provide helpful information for participants wanting to learn more about prevention, as well as those looking for a refresher on RSG principles. The full Ready, Set, Go! training explains prevention topics including: the Spectrum of Prevention, Prevention Principles, and how to use the public health model as a tool for prevention. This webinar will highlight that information as well as include suggestions for curriculum implementation and evaluation.

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Anticipating the New Title IX - December 11, 2019

OAESV's December 2019 monthly webinar provided information about Anticipating the New Title IX. The webinar presented a brief overview of Title IX’s current regulatory phase, provided instructions for how to locate and review the final rule upon release, and discussed projected changes and their potential impact.

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RPE Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program Highlight - November 20, 2019

This month's members-only webinar will share an RPE Peer-to-Peer Prevention Program Highlight. Amy Hawthorne, Violence Prevention Program Manager from Helpline, will share the details (history, curriculum, train-the-trainer component, objectives and outcome evaluation) of their “TGIF” prevention program. Although this highlights an RPE-funded program, all OAESV members are welcome to join the webinar to learn more about prevention program implementation.

Offered as a free training to OAESV Members, we encourage you to share this information with staff at your member agency.

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How to Access OAESV's Legal Access Works Program - October 9, 2019

Have you heard about OAESV's Legal Access Works program but are unsure of how or when to seek assistance? Do you have questions about exactly what type of legal services OAESV offers to survivors? Or maybe you are familiar with the program, but still want to know more? This webinar is an opportunity to learn more about OAESV's Legal Access Works program, including the specifics of what legal services are available, helpful information about the history and funding of the program, and the process for applying for the program. The presentation will also provide information about the difference between an advocate's role, OAESV's role and attorneys' roles regarding the Legal Access Works program. Participation in this webinar fulfills the initial training requirement necessary for applying for the Legal Access Works program.

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Intentional Prevention - September 11, 2019

Join us for an interactive webinar on intentional primary prevention planning! The webinar is for everyone who may or may not receive specific prevention funding, but would like to know more about effective prevention using saturation models, adding more activity based learning, selecting evidenced based curriculums and evaluating our methods.

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Campus Advocacy: More Than 1-on-1 Support - August 14, 2019

Advocacy is more than just working with an individual survivor to provide support and guide them through the various processes - it is also necessary to identify where the process is broken and work with other stakeholders to find innovative solutions. As a new school year approaches, this webinar will help advocates, supervisors and program directors learn how to cultivate and build relationships with key stakeholders on campus in order to advocate for more equitable processes and support for survivors on college campuses.

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When Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking Overlap: Guidance for Rape Crisis Advocates - July 10, 2019

Join us for this month's webinar, which offers information to anti-sexual violence advocates regarding the overlap between rape crisis advocacy and anti-human trafficking work. The presentation provides a guideline for navigating situations in which red flags of sex and/or labor trafficking are present in a sexual violence case. It allows participants an opportunity to brainstorm ways in which they might advocate for survivors experiencing the compounding issues of sexual violence and human trafficking.

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The LGBTQI Videotelling Project: Raising Awareness of LGBTQI Survivors of SV & IPV - June 12, 2019

Celebrate Pride Month by joining us for a webinar highlighting the LGBTQI Videotelling Project. These videos are a collection of interviews with survivors and service providers that aim to raise awareness of the experiences of LGBTQI survivors of IPV and sexual violence when seeking supportive services in their local communities.The LGBTQI Videotelling Project consists of four videos which can be used in many ways, including a group setting or for individual training. This webinar will provide an introduction to the videos and corresponding discussion guide, with encouragement to explore and reach understanding about the stereotypes that feed into barriers for accessing a violence-free life.

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"Be The One Ohio": A Youth-Focused Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign - May 8, 2019

OAESV is excited to share about Phase 3 of the "Be The One Ohio" project - a statewide sexual and gender-based violence primary prevention social marketing campaign for youth age 13-24, planned by the Statewide Prevention Consortium, carried out by OAESV and funded by the Ohio Department of Health. This webinar will share about the current campaign elements and the NEW Ambassador component, which is a great opportunity to highlight youth and other community voices, and the collaborations in your community that align with youth activism. Join us to learn more about social media messaging/marketing, and how to assist youth and other partners in writing blogs/social media messages.

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OAESV Advocacy Day: What you need to know! April 3, 2019

OAESV's Legislative Advocacy Day will be here soon! Join this webinar to receive the information you'll want to know in advance, including: logistical information; tips such as where to park, what to wear and where to eat; information to share during appointments with lawmakers and more. We will discuss engagement with legislators and helpful hints for preparing for legislative meetings, as well as provide a timeline for expected contact from your Group Leader.

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What Can We Learn from Survivors of Campus Sexual Misconduct? 2018 Results of Ohio's Campus Climate Study - March 13, 2019

This webinar will present information about the Ohio Department of Higher Education's Changing Campus Climate Initiative and specifically, the 2018 Climate Survey, which reveals data and trends about sexual violence at Ohio's colleges and universities. Join us to lean more about the implications of the survey results and recommendations for prevention and response efforts on campus.

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Preparing for Sexual Assault Awareness Month – February 13, 2019

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) will be here soon - let's get ready! Susan Sullivan from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center will share about the initiative behind this year's national SAAM theme, "I ASK" and related campaign ideas, resources, and supplies available. We will also discuss ways to engage community partners and creative suggestions for spreading the awareness message. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions and ideas to share during this interactive webinar!

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Understanding and Responding to Title IX Changes and the Impact on Ohio Survivors

Part I: Legal Technicalities and an Overview of Response Processes and Timelines
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Part II: Using Data and Citations to Respond to DOE's Proposed Regulations
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Part III: Finalizing Submissions & Opportunity for Q&A
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Sexual Assault Forensic Exams for Males & Transgender Individuals

OAESV's monthly webinar for December will provide information about the sexual assault forensic exam (SAFE) that is available for males and transgender individuals. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Leann Barber will share details about the exam that are unique to working with these survivors and special considerations for advocates.

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Serving Transgender and Gender Expansive Survivors through Advocacy and Prevention - November 14, 2018

Although many agencies work to support victims of "gender-based" violence, we often engage in practices that exclude or actively harm Transgender and Gender Expansive people, those who are disproportionately targeted for violence of all kinds. If we are to truly end "gender-based" violence, we must work to break down the gender binary and be inclusive and supporting of people of all gender identities. This webinar will provide an overview of current legal and social barriers facing Trans and GE folx in Ohio and ways to better serve this population through prevention and intervention services.

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#Howto: Social Media Tips and Tricks - August 8, 2018

Social media use is growing every day, don't be left behind! This webinar will provide tips and tricks for social media success in a professional setting. From effective branding, paid advertisements, and evaluation measurement, lessons learned from one preventionist will be passed along to others. Social media can be used on its own, as well as a supplement to enhance current community activities.

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Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI): Applying Findings and Recommendations Beyond Cuyahoga County - June 13, 2018

Since 2015, the Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) research team at Case Western Reserve University has partnered with the Cuyahoga County Sexual Assault Kit Task Force on an action research project to examine untested sexual assault kits to capture detailed, historical data on over an almost 20-year span of sexual assaults that were never prosecuted—for the purposes of informing and reforming current policy and practice. Findings and recommendations resulting from this research can inform efforts to increase testing of kits and improve the criminal justice process for survivors of sexual assault outside of Cuyahoga County.

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Grant-Writing Made Easy: Planning for Successful Grant Applications - May 23, 2018

This webinar will include strategies for making grant-writing less stressful, as well as tips for making your grant applications stand out. Discussion will include helpful tips for engaging with new grant funders, as well as ensuring applications for continued grant funding are fresh and relevant.

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Justicia Compasiva: Sanándonos de la Marginalización – April 25, 2018

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Advocacy Day 2018 Preparation Session – April 13, 2018

Join OAESV for logistical guidance, including parking and directions, information on legislative asks, and other information that will help prepare participants for an efficient and effective day at the Statehouse!

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response - April 11, 2018

In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month, this webinar will provide information about child sexual abuse, describe prevention and awareness efforts and share ideas for ways Rape Crisis Programs and Child Advocacy Centers can partner together.

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Foundations for Title IX Representation – March 20, 2018

Join OAESV's Director of Legal Services and Policy for an introduction to Title IX practice on campuses. This session includes an overview of the legal foundations of campus processes, recommended procedures, and practice tips.

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The Role of Men in the Movement to End Sexual Violence - March 14, 2018

Engaging men in efforts to end gender-based violence has often stirred up questions about men's roles and responsibilities. With recent conversations about men and sexual violence in light of the #MeToo movement, these questions have never been more prevalent or significant. Dr. Derrick Williams is no stranger to these quandaries, having studied, researched and written about the topic from both an academic and community-based perspective. He has worked at a domestic violence shelter and as a sexual violence prevention educator, led men's anti-violence programs at multiple colleges & universities, and served as a mentor to hundreds of young men in middle school through college. In this webinar, Dr. Williams will share about some of his greatest success, favorite theories, and advice for working with men from a position of cultural humility.

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Taking your SART to the Next Level - Feb 14, 2018

Interested in learning how to take your Sexual Assault Response Team to the next level? Join us in discussing ways to establish benchmarks for how you can access the goals and mission statements for your team, and how to begin doing case file review at your meetings.

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Collaborating with Campuses to Create Change - Jan 10, 2018

The Ohio Department of Higher Education's Changing Campus Culture Initiative asks each Ohio college to deliver climate surveys bi-annually to collect data to "take the temperature" of sexual and interpersonal violence occurring at Ohio higher education institutions. The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence was chosen as the administrator for this project. This webinar will explain the methods and timing of the survey, and how to collaborate with your local campus to turn data into action for both response and prevention planning.

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Assisting Survivors of Workplace Sexual Harassment - Dec 13, 2017

December's monthly webinar will focus on workplace sexual harassment. We will outline challenges specific to workplace sexual harassment survivors and the additional difficulties perpetuated by workplace cultures that condone harmful behaviors. We will highlight administrative remedies and civil litigation options for survivors seeking to report their harassment, provide and explain filing deadlines, distinguish between types of harassment, and clarify what types of employers are covered by various laws. Most importantly, we will discuss methods for advocating for survivors in a variety of context, including those who missed filing deadlines or whose employers do not qualify under civil rights legislation. Finally, we will offer advice regarding some of the challenges advocates might face when assisting survivors of sexual harassment.

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Intersection of DV & SV - Oct 11, 2017

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, OAESV is pleased to host a webinar featuring Rachel Ramirez from the Ohio Domestic Violence Network to discuss the "Intersection of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence." Join us as we discuss some of the ways the similarities and difference between DV & SV influence the challenges we face in providing services to survivors. The webinar is open to OAESV members.

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OAESV Response to Dept of Education Announcement Regarding Title IX

The Department of Education has just released new interim guidelines confirming the rescission of the 2011 Dear Colleague and subsequent FAQ and pending a new rulemaking process. OAESV understands the critical impact of these changes on your agencies and their work. To that end, we will host this webinar to discuss details, our position, and our policy outreach strategies and requests for agency action steps.

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