Planning for Virtual Events

Even if no accessibility requests come in for virtual events - plan for your events to be as accessible as possible, especially if you know they will be recorded or shared afterward

Keeping access in mind for:

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities
  • Communities where English is not their first language
  • Blind and Low vision communities
  • People with Disabilities
  • and more!

Before the event

  • Share info about the event accessibility
  • Allow accessibility requests in the registration
  • Contact information for staff support
  • Provide options for joining the event:
    • Phone, Off-video, etc.
  • Distribute materials early

Who is being left out of this event?

How are participants joining or engaging?

During Event

  • Give Platform tour, guidance, and tech support
  • Spotlight Interpreters
  • Announce names when speakers switch
  • Large events: mute and turn off videos when possible
  • Allow time and options for rest, processing & regulation
  • Image Descriptions
  • Captioning
  • Resources in multiple languages

Social Media Accessibility

  • Plain Langauge
  • #CapitalizeTheWordsInYourHashtags
  • Text Size
  • Link shorteners
  • Simple Designs
  • Image Descriptions/Alt Text
  • Subtitles/Captions

How to write a good Image Description/Alt Text

  • Object-action-context
  • The object is the main focus. The action describes what’s happening, usually what the object is doing. The context describes the surrounding environment.

Alt-Text: Black Lives Matter sign being held in a crowd.

Object: Black Lives Matter sign

Action: being held

Context: in a crowd

A concise way to add detail: A painted Black Lives Matter cardboard sign being held anonymously in a blurred-out crowd in front of a stone building.

Source: How to write an image description, Alex Chen.

Subtitles/Captions: Instagram

  • Threads - free app!
  • Clipomatic - app is $4.99 allows to manually edit text if automatic captions are incorrect
  • So many more! Take a few minutes to explore and see what works for you






We see all the great work you all are doing!

You've got this!