Frame Your Message

SAAM is a great time to take advantage of the fun tools provided by the various social media platforms. You can utilize hashtags on all platforms, fun story tools on Instagram, and even create your own custom photo frames on Facebook! See our examples below. We’ll walk you through some tips for the photo frames on Facebook, and we encourage you to play around with the other tools and platforms too.


Would you like us to create some frames for you to share with your community? Just send us a request by filling out this form, and we’ll send you some design options incorporating your program name and logo when possible!

To create your own:

  • First, visit the Frame Studio at
  • Be sure you’re an administrator for your organization’s Facebook page, you’re signed in, and, once in the frame studio, you choose your page name from the dropdown menu. This is important because the “owner” will show up when supporters go to use your frame.
    • From here, you have the option to create either kind of frame. Remember that profile photos often show up in the circular shape, so you’ll want your profile frame to fit that general shape. Story frames are rectangular and can use up more space on the screen. 
    • You can use a free program like Canva to create the graphic you’d like to use. When you download, checkmark the “transparent background” option so that the photos of your supporters show through when they use the frame. You can also put one design element on each page of your Canva file, download separately, and then when you upload, you can move them around as you see fit.
    • Then, you’ll upload the graphic(s) you created to Facebook’s Frame Studio, get the placement just right by using the preview tools, give it a name and some keywords to help people find it, and PUBLISH!