SAAM Events Around the Nation

  • OAESV's SAAM Kickoff, 4/1/21
    • Join us to kick off SAAM! Save the date and watch out for more information.
  • SAAM Day of Action, 4/6/21
    • You know it—you’ll never see more teal than on April 6th! Break out all of your favorite teal items, share some photos and videos on social media (don’t forget #EmbraceYourVoice), and, when the time is right, engage in discussions about the realities of sexual violence in Ohio.
  • OAESV's Advocacy Day Prep Webinar, 4/12/21
    • We’re very excited to connect with you to talk all about Advocacy Day! Come find out all that you need to know in order to make sure we all get the support we need from the Ohio legislature—#TheTimeIsNow!
    • Registration information coming soon. Please note that if you are registering to attend Advocacy Day, it’s very important for you to attend this webinar or to watch the recording. Let’s all get on the same page so we can be even more powerful at the statehouse!
  • OAESV's April Monthly Member Webinar – Updates on Applying for Legal Services and the Ohio Survivor Legal Assistance Clinic, 4/14/21
    • Join the Ohio Survivor Legal Assistance Clinic’s Paralegal April Carter and OAESV’s Legal Advocacy Coordinator Becca Getson to preview our new application and learn about the Clinic’s new website, process, and resources.
  • Gear Up for Advocacy Day, 4/19/21 – 4/20/21
    • In the days leading up to our time with legislators, join us online and share posts on your social media pages that represent your responses to these prompts. Be sure to tag us and use #EmbraceYourVoice!
    • Monday, 4/19/21
      • What does it mean to you to #EmbraceYourVoice?
      • If your organization is participating in OAESV’s Advocacy Day on Wednesday, how will you use that to #EmbraceYourVoice?
    • Tuesday, 4/20/21 - OAESV's 9th Annual Advocacy Day – A Virtual Event 
      • Share a picture of your staff taking part in Advocacy Day! This can be at your desk or computer, a collage of individual photos, etc. Just because you’re not together in space doesn’t mean you aren’t together in spirit. You can also tweet throughout the day to keep your followers up-to-date on the most impactful parts of your experience. Include #EmbraceYourVoice, #TheTimeIsNow, and maybe an original hashtag created by your organization!
  • Denim Day, 4/28/21
    • Join the national moment! For over 21 years, supporters have engaged in wearing jeans as a form of protest against an all-too-common issue of victim blaming. According to, this came after “a rape conviction was overturned because the justices felt that since the victim was wearing tight jeans, she must have helped the person who raped her remove her jeans, thereby implying consent.” You can use this as an opportunity to have expanded discussions about the various ways survivors face victim blaming, and provide your communities with proper responses to disclosures of sexual assault. Again, use your creativity in incorporating your denim while social distancing.

Now, Mark Our Calendars, Please!

Are you holding virtual events throughout SAAM? Fill out the form found at and we’ll add your event to our promo calendar that we’ll share throughout the month. This gives people all over Ohio a chance to find a space where they can provide support and participate in this powerful month of raising awareness and encouraging the prevention of sexual violence.