Shareable Social Media Content

This year’s SAAM theme for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center is ‘We Can Build Safe Online Spaces.” This is such a crucial topic, especially with more use of virtual platforms that ever before. Please consider checking out the resources, content, and ideas they’ve provided.

We also thought you might want some Ohio-specific material to share online and engage your communities. Consider scheduling posts using the content we’ve created:

This can help your followers understand what’s going on in Ohio and how we can join together as a state against sexual violence. You’ll see an example of the posts below, and all you have to do is download the materials you need. If you need help accessing these materials just let us know at We’ve provided many of this year's materials in Spanish as well to reach more community members.

Here you can see our suggested content calendar for the month of April. All you have to do is download the ready-to-go material we mentioned above, personalize the templates you want to use (if any), and schedule to your social media using the free scheduling tools on Facebook and Twitter or by using a free program like Hootsuite. Click here for tips on using these tools.

We’ve got everything ready to go with some posts covering the following topics and more:

  • Impactful and affirmative quotes that we hope will inspire survivors and your communities
  • Definitions of common verbiage used in relation to sexual violence
  • Workplace sexual violence in a virtual context

This year we’ve also included something new – templates so that you can personalize the graphics to fit your specific programming before posting it! You’ll find templates that highlight these and more:

  • Your program’s services and data points
  • Fundraising asks
  • (Re)Introducing Your Staff
  • Denim Day & Teal Day

Example of content available


Suggested captions are also included in English & Spanish.

Social Media Engagement Suggestions

We hope you have multiple opportunities to engage with survivors, other advocates, co-survivors, community members, and partners during SAAM. Social media can be extremely helpful and a powerful way to facilitate discussions and to share information. Consider these ideas for additional content:

  • Write and post blogs (and invite volunteers to do the same!) that show your staff’s expertise. Click here for a tip sheet on blog writing
  • Suggest ways for community members in your service area to act against sexual violence
  • Suggest effective, empathetic ways to respond when hearing someone disclose that they’re a survivor of sexual violence. See our blog on the topic here
  • Post videos of you and your staff explaining what it means to you to #EmbraceYourVoice
  • Remind your followers about your organization’s mission
  • Use our hashtags to see how many people we can connect across Ohio – #EmbraceYourVoice and #TheTimeIsNow – and create your own that are specific to your program!

And most important of all, prepare. You are very likely to see an increase in calls, questions, and engagements overall during SAAM. And this is what we want, right?! But be sure you’re prepared for that influx and brush up on advocacy best practices as well as self-care for your direct service providers.