Basics for Social Media Scheduling

When posting on social media on behalf of your organization, you can do this in real-time (pull out your phone or desktop browser, type the post, hit send) or you can schedule the posts ahead.

Scheduling the posts ahead of time has many benefits:

  • Create and schedule in batches, taking care of many posts at one time
  • Set it and forget it – get at least one thing off your mind
  • Go about your day – you can attend meetings, trainings, etc. while your posts are launching
  • And more

You can schedule in a couple of different ways – 1. Directly on the social media site, or 2. Using a third-part scheduling site. Below we’ll outline how to do both.

Scheduling Directly on Social Media Site

Facebook and Twitter each have their own scheduling tools directly on their site. This is an easy way to do this scheduling. Click here for instructions for Facebook and here for instructions for Twitter.

Using Third-Party Scheduling Site

There are many third-party scheduling sites you can use for free, and many have additional features, such as pulling all your accounts into one place where you can see your comments, tags, etc. Some free programs we like are Hootsuite, Buffer, Canva, and Sprout. They all generally work the same in that you:

  1. Connect to your organization’s social media accounts
  2. Upload any images you’d like to post
  3. Add any links, hashtags, and captions you want to include
  4. Pick a day and time for your post
  5. Hit Schedule! (for the first post or two, confirm by checking out your social media pages to make sure it’s working)