2021 OAESV Annual Conference

Date & Time

June 21–24, 2021



Restoring Our Roots: Cultivating Community. Fostering Innovation. Nourishing Relationships. Restoring our roots takes time. Any arborist would agree. Last year was a testament to the gradual, continual process of restoration. We did some digging, tested the soil, planted some seeds, and did some necessary pruning. We need these trees to be free of the weeds that have hindered their growth for years. To be restored in the roots of accountability, restorative and transformative justice, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in order for it to bloom! Last year, we all had to quickly change course to respond to a global crisis unseen in 100 years. Our colleague, Olivia Montgomery, and her partner in leadership, Timiza Wash, strategized together ways to stay connected during this time of a virtual world. From there blossomed our Cultivating Conversations in Crisis series, which still continues today. This year, we are dedicating ourselves to continuing that cultivation beyond the pandemic and into our work.

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