Anti-Oppression Committee

OAESV is proud to convene the statewide Anti-Oppression Committee (AOC), formed in 2014 and comprised of OAESV staff, rape crisis center staff, and allied professionals from across Ohio.

Women of Color Caucus

OAESV is proud to partner with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) to convene the statewide Women of Color Caucus (WOCC).

Men of Color Caucus

The Men of Color Caucus is a statewide network to provide on-going support to advance the recruitment and retention of men of color who volunteer or work professionally in crisis intervention, prevention and/or emergency response to intimate partner and sexual violence(s).

Ohio Co-Conspirators in Ending Oppression

The Ohio Co-Conspirators in Ending Oppression (CIEO) is a subcommittee of the Statewide Anti-Oppression Committee, comprised of individuals working in various crime victim services capacities in Ohio's five regions. As beneficiaries of white privilege, our members strive to honor our responsibility to dismantle racism. It is on us, not people of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), to actively work against oppression. This work requires humility, self-examination, and self-reflection. As we aspire to be co-conspirators and take anti-racist actions, we acknowledge that we have benefited from and normalized racism, that we are not the experts and we make mistakes. To reflect this commitment, this group has made structural changes, including a name change made official in 2021, from the previous name Aspiring White Allies.

LGBTQI Taskforce

The LGBTQI Task Force is a multidisciplinary collaborative of professionals and individuals dedicated to developing resources and best practices addressing domestic violence and sexual assault in lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and questioning communities.

Abilities Taskforce

The mission of the Abilities Caucus is to create awareness about all forms of abuse including domestic, intimate partner, sexual violence and oppression and to advocate for initiatives in upholding human rights and needs of all Ohio survivors/co-survivors with varying abilities through national multi-disciplinary collaboration.