The Men of Color Caucus is a statewide network to provide on-going support to advance the recruitment and retention of men of color who volunteer or work professionally in crisis intervention, prevention and/or emergency response to intimate partner and sexual violence(s).

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Similar to the Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) established by a collaboration between Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence (OAESV) and Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN) the Men of Color Caucus (MOCC) will focus on encouraging the involvement and support of all men who work within the anti-violence movement. The Caucus will represent anyone who identifies both as a man and as a person of color inclusive of trans men, masculine of center and people who are non-binary.

It is important to recognize that men of color, just as women of color, face similar challenges in lacking representation, leadership roles, opportunities for advancement, or feelings of isolation among the movement. These barriers (among many others) may discourage men from becoming career advocates which may impact the representation of male survivors accessing program services. This network provides professional, emotional and mental support that will increase the visibility of men who are advocates, and prevention educators which will in turn increase support systems for men who are survivors.

The Caucus will focus on a few primary objectives and programming for building a collective voice and activating members as leaders to transform institutions and encourage social paradigm shifts in Ohio around engaging men.

Benefits of MOCC Membership:

Professional Development and Leadership Training

  • Members will be provided on-going professional development trainings to increase knowledge on public health interventions, masculinity and violence, primary prevention, accountability, power-based violence(s)…etc. Leadership trainings will also be offered and members will be given support in developing skills that will further advance their expertise. The goal is to cultivate the leadership capacity of men of color in the anti-violence movement.

Networking and Support

  • The core of the Caucus is providing networking and support for its members. There will be a commitment to building community in order to sustain meaningful participation. Community building will be provided through multiple social events, dialogues, and webinars throughout the year as well as an annual Men of Color Caucus Summit. The Caucus will connect to program services throughout the State of Ohio as well and do outreach with other agencies and organizations across the nation to foster a network for prospective professional and networking opportunities.

Mentorship Opportunities

  • The Men of Color Caucus wants to create opportunities for success and empowerment for young boys and men of color to become advocates, policymakers, educators or other community leaders in the field. This mentorship program will partner members with program services, schools, colleges and universities for mentor/mentee opportunities. Members will also be given assistance in becoming mentors/mentees for one another through this initiative.

Engaging Men Forum

  • If members want to participate more intensively there are opportunities to join the Engaging Men Planning Committee that will focus on developing initiatives for engaging boys and men of color. The primary responsibility will be managing an online forum that will offer a space for men to ask questions about healthy relationships, masculinity, sexual violence or any other inquires that men are afraid to ask out loud. This space will help to minimize violence(s) that could typically arise when engaging in dialogue with others.

To learn more about General Membership or if you are interested in joining the Steering Committee contact Jayvon Howard at