IPSV Prevention Competencies

The Prevention Competencies provide new and more seasoned prevention practitioners with the knowledge base needed to engage in good prevention work.

Click HERE to access the Empowerment Evaluation Toolkit.

Ready Set Go Trainings provide new prevention practitioners, advocates, and other community partners a solid framework for beginner level understanding of primary prevention, public health models, and tools to implement best practices and evidence based programming. Click HERE to see a list of upcoming trainings, including Ready Set Go!

National and Other Resources

Stand Up to Sexual Violence

In response to the high-profile sexual assault case in Steubenville in 2013, as well as countless incidents of sexual violence like it across Ohio and elsewhere, OAESV created the STAND UP video and discussion guide. Focused on the importance of bystander intervention, these resources are intended for use by rape crisis programs in engaging their communities in thoughtful dialogue and skill-building to prevent sexual violence before it starts and to intervene when violence may be occurring.

Stand Up Materials

The following materials can be downloaded and reproduced for use in your community:

For additional information about the STAND UP Resources, please contact our Prevention Coordinator at lbilal@oaesv.org.

Bystander Intervention for Employers & Employees

See the Signs, Speak Out is a free online-based training program that instructs employers and employees to intervene safely as bystanders to prevent domestic and sexual violence, whether it occurs in the workplace or in the community. This is a free training program generously funded by the Avon Foundation for Women, and presented in collaboration with the Ohio Domestic Violence Network. For assistance with this or any domestic violence or sexual assault prevention training needs, contact OAESV's Director of Prevention at abrandon@oaesv.org.

Video Vignettes

Video vignettes are brief videos (2-3 minutes long) that model safe bystander intervention in the workplace. Ideas for using the videos: show them at a staff meeting; use them as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) and/or Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October); send the links to staff and ask them to view the videos; incorporate the videos into a larger staff training. The videos are available at the links below in English, and in English with Spanish subtitles.

Online Training Courses

Training courses and resources for both employers are employees are available HERE, also available in Spanish. Each user must REGISTER HERE to access the course and advanced features. Registration is free. Advanced features into access to quizzes and the ability to print a certificate of completion. Each course is approximately 20 to 40 minutes long. Ideas for using the online courses: have all supervisors complete the courses; require new staff to complete the courses as a part of new staff orientation.

Tips for Small Employers

  • Familiarize yourself with resources in the community who can assist with workplace training and provide support to victims.
  • Customize this resource template sheet with information about resources at your workplace and in your community.
  • Contact your local domestic violence or sexual assault agency and ask about training options for your workplace.
  • Ask human resources staff to view the video vignettes for employers.
  • Consider adding an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as an employee benefit. Learn more HERE.

Tips for Medium to Large Employers

  • Consider conducting a workplace safety assessment. Learn more HERE.
  • Review and update as needed your workplace policy on domestic violence and sexual assault. Learn more HERE.
  • Incorporate the See the Signs program into an existing workplace wellness program.
  • Organize a training for all supervisors, or show the video vignettes at a management meeting.

For Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Programs

Local programs are invited to use these training materials in whatever capacity makes sense and to adapt them as needed to meet training needs. Just as employers are encouraged to reach out to local domestic violence or sexual violence agencies, your program is also encouraged to reach out to employers in your service area. Benefits of the See the Sign program include:

  • The training program can help domestic and sexual violence agencies build relationships with community employers.
  • The training connects survivors to the resources and support that your agency provides.
  • The training helps to shift workplace culture from one of silence to one of support and active bystander intervention.
  • The See the Signs program was made possible by a generous donation from the Avon Foundation for Women.