Advocate Privilege in Ohio: The Time is Now

OAESV is advocating for a proposed bill that, if enacted, would establish Advocate Privilege in Ohio - meaning that communications between sexual assault survivors and rape crisis advocates would be legally protected in the same way that communications between doctors and patients, and attorneys and clients, are protected. We believe survivors deserve access to advocacy services without worrying about what they say or what they've endured.

Download OAESV’s Advocate Privilege Factsheet HERE.

Get Involved!

OAESV is seeking input from survivors of sexual assault, loved ones of survivors, and concerned citizens who think that Advocate Privilege in Ohio is important. Here are two ways that you can get involved:

  1. Submit your story, comments, or a quote at this link. (You have the option of submitting comments anonymously if you wish).
  2. If you are a survivor or a loved one of a survivor who has accessed rape crisis services at any point in your healing process, consider submitting written testimony to be included in future hearings related to the proposed bill. For more information, contact our Director of Communications at

Other Ways You Can Support This Effort

If you are not comfortable participating directly in our efforts to promote Advocate Privilege, you can still help by sharing social media posts, commenting with support on social media posts, believing survivors, assisting survivors in accessing rape crisis services in their community, or making a donation to OAESV. No effort is too small!

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