These resources are meant for everyone, not just professionals in the anti-sexual-violence field.

Helping Others


  • Reclaiming & Reframing Self-Care
    • Self-care is a constant need. In this session, Kasie Holmes, M.A., M.S., will lead us through re-framing and reclaiming the notion of self-care within the global pandemic and within a capitalist society on an individual and collective level.

      This discussion will come from the understanding that self-care has been co-opted in our capitalist society, but it is needed now more than ever with the global pandemic and other crises and violence happening. On an individual level, it is important that we re-frame what self-care means to us and implement that into our lives. On a collective level, we reclaim the idea of self-care from the co-opted and commercialized version of it.

  • Mindfulness Webinar
    • Join Kelly Sradeja to learn about the benefits of mindfulness.
  • Healing for Activists Webinar
    • Join us for another webinar in our series of self-care sessions. This session is centered around healing for activists and will be led by Erin Upchurch, Executive Director for Kaleidoscope Youth Center.
  • Virtual Yoga Session -- Urban Zen
    • Join Jennifer Gebhart from Yoga on High for this Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) session. Urban Zen stands for the "calm in the chaos". In this class you will learn gentle mindful movements, breath awareness, restorative postures and body awareness meditation to help decrease symptoms of anxiety, exhaustion and insomnia. No previous experience required. Have a couple of blankets, pillows and a chair for the session.
  • #EmbraceYourVoice SAAM 2020 Affirmation Coloring Cards
  • Life Writing: Exploring the Art of Journaling
    • Not simply a record of our days, a journal is a space for gathering specific observations and insights that show our unique perspectives on the world. Although professional writers may use a journal for writing material, anyone can enjoy and benefit from the creativity and catharsis of such an experience. Join us for this interactive online workshop led by Beth Myers, retired professor of English at Adrian College.