People who are or have experienced sexual violence may be experiencing increased isolation and danger caused by social distancing measures during the Coronavirus pandemic. Survivors often have specific needs around safety, health, and confidentiality. We also realize that communities most-impacted by sexual violence are facing additional challenges during this unprecedented time. We have compiled resources and tools for sexual violence service providers, who are working tirelessly to respond in ways that are safe and supportive for all.

We are updating these resources continuously. If you have information to share, please contact the Resource & Communications Coordinator, Jenn Eidemiller at, with the subject line “COVID Support.”

For additional support or program technical assistance please email us at or call OAESV Resource Line (888) 886-8388 Toll-Free.

Read our new report:

State and Federal Guidance

Includes factsheets and information on recently COVID-related Ohio and Federal policies and guidance.

Organizational Policies & Support

Includes information for Ohio Sexual Violence Service Providers on updating their policies and procedures to ensure the safety and sustainability of their services.

Providing Services During Public Health Crisis

Best practice guidelines and support for mobile advocacy and virtual services.

Most Impacted Communities

The COVID-19 crisis is hurting all our communities, but not equally. The data that would allow us to document the pandemic’s uneven toll rigorously are incomplete and only now emerging - and it’s already clear that communities of color, including children, once again are on the frontlines of vulnerability.

Hospital Advocacy & Coordinated Response Resources

OAESV recorded Hospital Advocacy Webinar and resources for advocates and hospital staff serving sexual violence survivors.

Legal Advocacy & Ohio Court Updates

Statewide legal and court updates impacting survivors of sexual violence and safety planning.

Resources for Survivors & Co-Survivors

Multi-lingual resources on coronavirus, resources and safety planning for socially isolated survivors.

Professional Development Resources

Upcoming OAESV Webinars and Training - click here


The State of Sexual Violence in Ohio: The Effects of COVID-19

As you may know, movement restrictions aimed to stop the spread of the coronavirus may be making interpersonal violence more frequent, more severe, and more dangerous.

When an entire nation shuts down, when children are home all day from school, when social activities are all cancelled, when places of worship close their doors, when unessential movement becomes restricted, when safety services and shelters resort to virtual platforms, when coping mechanisms are suddenly no longer available — what happens then?

The COVID-19 outbreak has flipped our world upside down, and has even added to another public health crisis: Our data suggests that sexual violence is flourishing in the conditions created by the pandemic.

Below, you'll see an infographic summarizing some of our report, "The State of Sexual Violence in Ohio: The Effects of COVID-19." The full report, linked here, describes the challenges that anti-sexual-violence programs have faced as they attempt to provide remote services and support to survivors in Ohio, and it identifies various ways that we, as a state, can work to meet those needs.

"The State of Sexual Violence in Ohio: The Effects of COVID-19" is based on comments and responses from the OAESV Campus, Prevention, People of Color, & Advocate 'Cultivating Conversations in Crisis' webinars from March 23 to April 28 and anecdotal information shared with the OAESV teams during individual technical assistance conversations. Data was also collected from ABC7, the American Bar Association, the Domestic Violence Network, and the NAESV Ohio Rape Crisis Center COVID- 19 Survey.