Having 24/7 confidential support available by phone is one of the easiest ways programs can offer continuing support to their communities without exposing anyone to possible infection. In times of crisis, survivors may be triggered by the sense of helplessness and powerlessness around the situation they feel. We also know that rates of sexual assault tend to increase in times of disaster. Here is a useful guide for running support lines and talks about why marketing your crisis line as a helpline may broaden who feels comfortable calling for help.  You can access the helpline publication at

Internet-based Survivor Support

NNEDV's SafetyNet Project has created a number of helpful tools for using technology to provide services. Several that they shared again recently include:


The Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative also provides ideas for how to practice flexibility in meeting the varied needs of sexual assault survivors by throwing away the menu.

Telecommuting and Digital Services Best-Practice Resources