April 11, 2014

Taking a Stand for Survivors in Ohio

Becky Perkins, Communications Coordinator
In a dark bedroom in a small town, a woman is unable to sleep. She knows that when she closes her eyes, the terror and humiliation will play out in the camera of her mind, tormenting her once again. She lies in silence, afraid to close her eyes, afraid to breathe, afraid to move. Will you help ...
March 26, 2014

Refusing the privilege of silence: An open letter to my fellow advocates

Becky Perkins, Communications Coordinator
As my fingers type, I can feel it – pressure, hesitation, even dread. Is it even possible to write a blog post about being an aspiring ally for women of color in leadership in the rape crisis field without making a total fool of myself? Should I even try? Won't I inevitably make a mistake, ...