April 16, 2015

The Voices of Ohio

Becky Perkins, Communications Coordinator

There are voices that can easily be found.

In offices, locker rooms, family rooms, and lunchrooms, they resonate: the voices of ordinary people discussing news of the latest public figure to be accused of sexual assault.

In blogs, chat rooms, social media posts, and media websites, you can read them: the words of those who wish to voice the truth about sexual violence among the lies, to voice support for survivors among the shaming and the blaming.

Loud and clear in gymnasiums and conference rooms, in classrooms and reception halls, they echo: the voices of advocates, professional speakers, teachers, and community leaders speaking of rape culture and debating the need for better policies.

And then there are the voices we don't often hear.

On the line in the middle of the night and on soft sofas in warmly-lit rooms, they speak at last the secret horrors they've suffered: the voices of brave women and men seeking to reclaim their lives.

In homes and in statehouses, some thunder while others tremble: the voices of survivors sharing what they've endured and what they've learned, determined to change the world around them.

Amid Legos and Barbie dolls strewn across bedroom floors, they endeavor to empower and protect: the voices of caring adults taking the time to talk with children about sexual abuse.

These are the voices of Ohio. These are avenues of hope, of healing, of purpose, and of transformation. These are the voices that create change, and that ultimately will eliminate sexual violence entirely.

Share your voice. Speak the truth. Change our state forever. #Be The1Ohio