OAESV is Ohio's statewide sexual assault coalition, the mission of which is to advocate for comprehensive responses and rape crisis services for survivors, and to empower communities to prevent sexual violence. OAESV is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization incorporated in 2010. Through statewide and community partnerships, OAESV provides public policy advocacy, training and technical assistance to rape crisis centers and allied organizations, and resources and information available to professionals, survivors, and the general public. OAESV is based in Cleveland, Ohio, with a satellite office in Columbus, Ohio.

OAESV's Perspective on Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is a crime of oppression committed by those with power and control over those with little or no power or control.

Sexual violence is disproportionately suffered by women, by women of color, by individuals who identify as LGBTQI, and individuals with one or more disabilities.

Survivors of sexual violence deserve to be believed and respected, and to have access to culturally relevant services.

Perpetrators of sexual violence should be held accountable for their crimes.

The prevention of sexual violence is possible and should be a statewide priority, as well as a priority of every community.

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Topics OAESV Can Address With The Media

OAESV is happy to speak with national or local media partners regarding sexual violence as it affects the state of Ohio. Please note that while OAESV can provide commentary regarding the dynamics and impact of sexual violence generally, we are unable to comment on the details of any specific crime. If you are seeking comment regarding a case or issue impacting a specific community in Ohio, we ask that you first contact the local rape crisis center in that community. For media inquiries to OAESV, please contact us via email at communications@oaesv.org or by calling OAESV's office at 216-658-1381.

Resources for the Media

Press Releases

Press Kit -- Advocate Privilege Press Conference, September 2019

We've compiled a set of resources for members of the press who wish to write about the reintroduction of the bill to “Provide Testimonial Privilege to Qualified Advocates”.